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Before You Build, Install or Buy a Swimming Pool, Spa or Hot Tub

Why do you want a swimming pool or spa? The real question probably is why wouldn't you want a private swimming pool or spa? You may have a clear-cut reason, like your children are on a swim team and need to practice daily. Maybe you want one "just because." Take some time to seriously consider how a swimming pool or spa would benefit your home and your life.

Recreation & Relaxation

Splash and perform underwater somersaults, play Marco Polo, float on the biggest inflatable -- it all sounds so clean, refreshing and like healthy, wholesome good times. You can crank up the fun or slow it down at your discretion.

Fitness & Therapy

Maybe it's doctor's orders or your prescription for maintaining fitness and good health while possibly preventing future medical issues. You'd have to have lived in a cave not to know that swimming is one of the best types of exercise for every body. Swimmers usually don't experience the jarring impact and stress on their bodies that runners or tennis players suffer. And swimming is great exercise for all ages, from babies to seniors.


With a pool or spa, you're certain to draw party people to your place, especially when temperatures soar. If you enjoy entertaining, then a pool or spa is going to give you a reason to do more of it, possibly every weekend. Some swimming pools are designed so that the transition from house to deck to pool is almost seamless.

Do you reside in a warmer region with mild winters? All the more reason to build or install a party pool. Just remember to include all of the required safety features, especially if your guests are little ones.


Some pools -- usually small pools -- are built simply to be enjoyed and looked at. They can help establish a theme in the landscape and set a mood. A small pool can become the focal point in a yard. Water has an effect on the senses. Just looking at it has a calming influence on many people, while others get a special feeling by listening to it. And who doesn't like to dip their hands or feet into a clean pool?

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Written by About.com on 2012/08/23

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